School Board

Here you can find information about TUSD's School Board

Meet the Members
Photo of Mr. Paul Kaminski

Mr. Paul Kaminski - President

Area: 6

Term Expires: 12/2026

Meet the Members
Photo of Dr. Tracy Kelly

Dr. Tracy Kelly - Vice President

Area: 1

Term Expires: 12/2024

Meet the Members
Picture Of Mr. Wayne Cooper

Mr. Wayne Cooper - Trustee

Area: 5

Term Expires: 12/2026

Meet the Members
Photo of Mr. Tyler Napier

Mr. Tyler Napier - Trustee

Area: 7

Term Expires: 12/2024

Meet the Members
Image of Mrs. Cassandra Sweeney

Mrs. Cassandra Sweeney - Trustee

Area: 2

Term Expires 12/2026

Meet the Members
Picture of Mrs. Jackie Wood

Mrs. Jackie Wood - Clerk

Area: 3

Term Expires: 12/2024

Strategic Planning

The Tehachapi Unified School District has initiated a process to create its future. To this end a group of approximately 30 people have devoted a substantial amount of time to try to define the district and to begin to set the foundation for a complete planning process. The Strategic Planning Group has met four times and has proceeded to set the framework by reviewing and defining guiding principles to focus future efforts. To date we have covered:

-Vision -Mission -Values -Beliefs -Parameters or scope of effort -Goals

We still need to set our basic strategies and then lay out action plans that specify what is actually to be done, by whom and when. Your thoughts on this process are important and we would love comments and any ideas you have about the District. You can email your thoughts, comments, suggestions and issues to: This is an evolving process and your input is important. Final statements and plans will take into account everyone’s contributions.

Please see the links section on this page to find the Strategic Planning Elements document.

Important Notice Regarding Regular Board Meeting on 5.11.21

Due to technical difficulties, the audio recording for this board meeting is unavailable. Written minutes are available.